In his book Black Privilege, Charlamagne Tha God shared details about his falling out with Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin

We've heard rumors about the end of their professional relationship, for some time now. But, "The Breakfast Club" co-host further speaks about a particular incident that took place after he got fired from Wendy's old radio show. 

C Tha God revealed that after he left, Kevin became his manager. However, Charlamagne didn't agree with Kevin's professional tactics. When the Brilliant Idiots host was negotiating a contract for a new radio show in Philly, he was offered a salary of $70,000. But, Kevin wanted Charlamagne to get $350,000.

"He was always extremely aggressive in trying to get more money out of situations," Charlamagne wrote. "He'd yell at and often threaten people till he got what he wanted." He added: "I can't lie: It's worked for him and Wendy. But it wasn't how I wanted to do business." 

Things got worse when C Tha God told Kevin that he would accept a $75,000 salary. The radio personality admitted that Wendy's husband/manager got very angry with him. Kevin even texted him, "I'm not f**king with you anymore. You did some foul s**t. Lose my number." And just like that, his relationship with Wendy and her husband was over. 

"As for Wendy, she is the ultimate ride-or-die chick. I know she feels she has to have her husband's back and I have to respect that," Charlamagne further said about the situation. 

The Power host did say one lesson learned from working with the two of them, however. "One thing I learned not to do from watching her was to treat the people who work for you poorly. Wendy and Kev could be very cruel to the people who worked under them." 

Black Privilege is now available for purchase.

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