Game's Father Dead At 65

TMZ is reporting that Game's father, George Taylor, died in his sleep on Wednesday (Jan. 17) morning. 

A family member immediately called 911 when they went to Taylor's home in Apple Valley, California and found him unresponsive. The fire department would then transport his unresponsive body to the hospital. It was there that Taylor was officially pronounced dead. He was 65 years old. 

TMZ says, "We're told, at this point, It doesn't appear there's any foul play. The coroner's office has George's body now, and is investigating." Game and his pops have had an up-and-down relationship, since his childhood. However, we're not aware of what their status was when the elderly man passed away this morning. 

The outlet adds: "Game rapped about his dad in the song, 'Bloody Moon,' off one of his albums. The lyrics on the track go, 'My father left me when I was seven, at a home / Left me but took his chrome, I looked up and blood was gone / Man, f**k it, guess in the world I'm all alone.'"

Game has yet to respond about his dad's death. We're hoping he'll be OK.

Photo: Getty Images


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