Three Black Women were Dragged out of Houston's

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Three black women say they were dragged out of Houston's in Atlanta over the weekend after they spent 10 minutes too long in the bathroom. They were also arrested. 

Read the entire story at the or just click the link.

DISCLAIMER: This caption is the version from 11Allive! The next few posts of rapper, TI, expresses what the women are saying occurred. #Allegedly 3 woman entered the Atlanta “Houston’s” restaurant after their business hours and made their way to the restroom. Houston’s Staff allegedly asked the women to leave twice and claims the women refused to. A police officer was booked to work security at the restaurant and once he arrived, the staff manager alerted him of what happened and asked to escort the women out. _____________________________________________ When the officer entered he restroom he saw the 3 women, Erica Walker, Brittany Marie Lucio and Asia'h Sharrell Epperson (American Idol Finalist & Actress in Greenleaf) on their phones. He then asked them to leave but didn’t receive a response. He claims to have asked again & the 3 women laughed but didn’t leave. After a 3rd request with no response, the officer grabbed Lucio’s wrist saying let’s go and walking towards the door. He claims she pulled away & told him not to touch her. ____________________________________________ He claims to have asked her to exit again, she didn’t, so he grabbed her wrist again and was able to get her outside of the restaurant. She then stated “Get your fucking hands off me, you ain’t about to touch me” and then allegedly punched him in his mouth and on his hand causing 2 lacerations in his mouth. He claims to have held Lucio down while calling for back and up and then having to hold Walker down as well. All 3 woman were arrested & charged with criminal trespass. Lucio has an additional charge of Felony Obstruction. ______________________________________________ #AllegedTea #Alleged🍵 #HoustonsRestaurant #TI #TIP #Atlanta #AtlanatHoustonsRestaurant #Houstons #BoycottHoustons #EricaWalker #BrittanyMarieLucio #AsiahSharrellEpperson

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Serve it up right...🍷

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The calm before the storm💫✨

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