A Marital Affair Gone Wrong...

Keanna Cammon has been locked in jail after calling her lovers wife to tell her that she is going to shoot her husband if he does not file for divorce. She called the wife on a Facebook live chat last Wednesday morning threatening to shoot him because he refused her demands and while she was on the phone with the wife the gun went off. The man was shot in the torso and is now critically injured fighting for his life according to local news outlets  

The wife of the man said that she threatened to shoot her husband if he did not finalize his divorce. Cammon filed for a divorce from her husband last week. 

Cammon in being held in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama jail with a $60,000 bond for attempted murder. 

From the looks of Cammons Facebook page, she is the mother a one child. 


Pictures via Facebook 


Picture via Facebook 


Picture via Facebook 


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