Normani Gives Janet Jackson Inspired Performance At The 2021 MTV VMA's

Photo: Getty Images

Normani tapped into her super sultry, wild side during her performance at the 2021 MTV Video Awards. The singer performed her Billboard topping hit single "Wild Side", at this year's big show, donned a metallic crop top and pants number and she and her dozens of dancers rocked their steamy dance routine for the entire Barclays Center.

Although Cardi B couldn't join Normani during her highly anticipated performance, the 25-year old star didn't disappoint. One of the biggest surprises of the alluring performance was Normani blessing special guest Teyana Taylor with a sensual lap dance as she lied there tied to a metal cross. The hot performance comes just weeks after fans took to social media to demand that the "Motivation" singer hit the stage at the big show -- and needless to say, the support certainly helped.

Normani took to social media over the weekend to thank her "Normani Nation", tweeting,

"I don’t know where to start with you guys. you’re my heart and soul and have always stuck by me through all the fucking adversities. first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. MY NATION i love youuuuu. shit bout to be lit IM CRINE."

During her performance, Normani's paid a huge homage to dance and R&B legends before her, including Janet Jackson and Aaliyah --- who's record "One In A Million" is sampled on the singer's "Wild Side" single. To top off all the iconic dance dynamics of her performance, Normani's predecessor Ciara introduced her to the stage, making for a truly legendary moment for the girls of R&B.

Check out the video for "Wild Side" below:

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