This Restaurant Has The Best Hot Dog In Tennessee

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Is there anything more American than a hot dog? No matter if you enjoy the classic ketchup and mustard toppings or prefer it loaded up with tomatoes, chili or sauerkraut, you can customize hot dogs however you like to make your perfect bite.

Using reviews from locals and tourists, Eat This, Not That! compiled a list of the best hot dog served in each state, including a specialty dog up for sale in Tennessee. While some regions of the country may be famous for their take on the American favorite, like a Chicago dog or the classic New York City dog, tasty dogs can be found all across the U.S. According to the site:

"From the classic frankfurter to unique twists that take advantage of local ingredients (looking at you, Hawaii!), you can rest assured that no matter where you go in America, there's a place to satisfy your hankering for a hot dog."

So where can you find Tennessee's best hot dog?

D&B Hot Dogs

Located in Knoxville, D&B Hot Dogs has been serving up incredible hot dogs since first opening its doors in 2014. From the Chicago-style D & B and Hawt dogs topped with homemade chili to the bacon-wrapped Wagon dog and Cuban topped with Swiss cheese and pickles, there is a hot dog for everyone to enjoy.

D&B Hot Dogs is located at 8909 Oak Ridge Highway in Knoxville.

Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say about the best hot dog in Tennessee:

"D&B Hot Dogs was founded when two stay-at-home dads, Bruce Flomberg and Daniel Price, lamented that there weren't any good hot dog places in Knoxville. They'd already launched a successful lawn service company, so the pair joined forces once again — this time to open a top-notch hot dog restaurant. Within a few years, D&B had established itself nationwide; it was named the number one hot dog in Tennessee by 'Travel and Leisure' magazine in 2019 and was the only Tennessee establishment to be voted into the top 25 hot dogs in America by Yelp."

Check out the full list here to see the best hot dog in each state.

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