This Is Tennessee's Best Foodie Destination

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If you're a self-described foodie, you likely enjoy searching out and trying new restaurants to sample the best of what a city has to offer. And you're not alone!

Eat This, Not That! searched around the country to find the best destinations for foodies in each state, from Texas barbecue joints with rich smoky flavors to fresh seafood restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

So what is Tennessee's top foodie destination?

Biscuit Love in Nashville

More and more, Nashville is becoming known for its culinary scene, adding a new depth of flavor to Music City. Biscuit Love is no exception, giving guests a chance to try out their famous biscuits with anything from hot chicken, sausage gravy, or other breakfast and lunch accoutrements. There are plenty of non-biscuit options to try as well, like meatloaf and shrimp and grits.

Biscuit Love has several locations around Nashville. Find your nearest one at the website.

Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say:

"Biscuit Love has become a Nashville foodie destination in recent years, so we felt we had to include it on this list. The flaky, butter biscuits are the star of every sandwich on the menu, leading to giant lines out the door every single day. Don't forget to take a box of biscuits and jam home!"

Check out Eat This, Not That!'s full list to see all the best food destinations around the country to plan your next nationwide culinary tour.

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