Tory Lanez Accused Of Forcing Assault Victim To Sign Settlement

Tory Lanez

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Tory Lanez is being accused of coercing an assault victim to sign a settlement.

According to a report Radar Online published on Thursday, January 26, Christopher Harty aka "Prince" from Love & Hip-Hop: Miami has asked a court to toss out a settlement with Lanez after he claimed he was forced to sign it. Prince told the outlet he met with Lanez to discuss the lawsuit he filed over two separate violent incidents dating back to 2019. He said Lanez gave him a self-drafted settlement to sign while the "Say It" rapper's employee, who was armed and allegedly involved with the violent attack in question, stood nearby.

“[Lanez] presented me with a document that he drafted himself and ordered that I sign the agreement,” Prince claimed. “He told me not to contact my lawyer when I told him I needed my lawyer to review the agreement."

“This individual is the same individual who was ordered by [Lanez] to attack me at the Vendome night club and he did so," he continued. "I cannot share his identity at this time as this individual threatened me that if I mention his name I would be severely injured or even killed. This individual was in possession of a firearm which was visible at the meeting."

Prince alleged that Lanez and the unidentified man "aggressively" ordered him to sign off on their deal. The terms of the agreement was reportedly worth way less than the damages he suffered from both attacks. Lanez reportedly engaged in a verbal argument with Prince before he punched him in the face while they were at LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach back in 2019. During the scuffle, Lanez security jumped in and continued to assault Prince. He was left with blunt trauma to his neck, back and chest. The second attacked happened a few months later in 2020 at Vendome Nightclub.

“I would have never signed the agreement otherwise," Prince explained. "The amount of money that they made me accept was only a fraction of the damages I have suffered in this lawsuit as a result of their repeated attacks."

Tory Lanez previously claimed self-defense and said he didn't do anything wrong. However, it's not a good look as he prepares for a second trial over the Megan Thee Stallion shooting.

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