This Is Tennessee's Best Hole-In-The-Wall Mexican Restaurant

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America is a melting pot of different cultures coming together and highlighting the best of what they have to offer, especially when it comes to restaurants showcasing cuisines from around the world.

Cheapism found the best hidden gem Mexican restaurants around the country, compiling a list of the top hole-in-the-wall spot in each state and Washington, D.C. From food trucks and street carts to restaurants tucked away in paths less traveled, you can find incredible Mexican cuisine in the most unlikely places.

So which eatery was named Tennessee's best hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant?

El Loco Taco Taqueria

Located in Kingsport, near the Kentucky border in East Tennessee, El Loco Taco is a family-owned restaurant that boasts a great atmosphere and delicious food. The site suggests trying the chorizo or one of the changing specials, including the flavorful pollo rojo chicken and onions over rice.

El Loco Taco Taqueria is located at 800 Stonegate Road in Kingsport.

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

"There isn't much to look at in the lime green-painted El Loco Taco — except the food, of course. The strip mall restaurant offers a pretty robust menu, with everything from shrimp cocktail to chimichangas. The service is outstanding, so there's a lot of repeat business and regular customers."

Check out Cheapism's full list to read up on the best hidden gem Mexican restaurants in the country.

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