Tennessee Spot Named The Best 'Hidden-Gem' Destination In The State

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When planning summer vacations and special trips, many travelers plan to visit popular stops like Times Square in New York City, DisneyWorld in Florida or the Grand Canyon, but there are so many more unique and under-the-radar spots across the vast expanse of America that are not visited as often but still just as beautiful and fun.

GoBankingRates helped narrow down your next trip by searching for the best hidden-gem destinations around the country, compiling a list of the top spot in each state. So which spot in Tennessee is considered the state's best hidden gem destination?

Incline Railway

Instead of heading to the Smoky Mountains, try a stop at Lookout Mountain's Incline Railway in Chattanooga, which also offers stunning views without the millions of visitors who flock to the Smokies each year. Here's what the site had to say:

"After you take a Tennessee vacation, your friends might expect stories of country music and BBQ. Instead, regale them with stories of the Incline Railway, which takes you and family up a 72.7% grade on Lookout Mountain. It's like driving up an insanely pretty wall. Before hopping on the car in St. Elmo, remember to bring some cash to spend at the microbrewery and collection of cafes and small-batch boutiques."

Check out the full list at GoBankingRates.com to read up on the best hidden gem destinations around the country.

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