Tennessee Eatery Serves The 'Best Classic Hamburger' In The State

Photo: Trifonov_Evgeniy/iStock/Getty Images

Burgers nowadays are often piled high with flavorful toppings and smothered in out-of-this-world sauces, but sometimes simple is best and a classic hamburger with minimal toppings can hit the spot just as well as any other loaded burger.

According to a list compiled by LoveFood, the "best classic hamburger" served in all of Tennessee is the Dyer's Single found at Dyer's Burgers in Memphis. What makes this offering stand out is the fact that Dyer's has been using the same grease to cook its burgers since it first opened over 100 years ago, giving everyone who stops by the chance to taste a bit of history. Dyer's Burgers is located at 205 Beale Street.

Here's what LoveFood had to say about the best classic burger in Tennessee:

"Dyer's has been serving its classic burgers since 1912 — and the joint's success lies in its 'secret' cooking process, which hinges on using frying grease that's never been changed. The grease is occasionally topped up to keep the supply going, but at least a few drops have been in the mix for over a century. The business takes its grease so seriously that armed police escorts took charge of it when the restaurant changed locations. The Single is usually served with cheese, but you could opt out to taste the patty just on its own."

Check out the full list at lovefood.com to see more of the tastiest burgers around the country. You can also check out our previous coverage of restaurant serving the best burger-and-fries meal in the state.

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